Blanche (blanche_) wrote in dlm_caps,

dlm_caps is open for business!

Due to the serious lack of resources with HQ caps from the series Dead Like Me, I have decided to create a community where caps can be found. If you want to cap an episode, have caps to provide go ahead an post.

(for now please do not post the caps in an entry, post a link to them or a .zip file)

I am in the process of getting a cap archive together and if you want to join forces or contribute with some caps, comment and I'll get in touch with you.
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Would you like to be affiliates with dlm_challenge?
I would love to!
Thanks. Have added you to the community links and user info.
Hey would you like to affiliate with a callum blue community? _forever_blue_

S1 Caps:


October 13 2008, 09:40:57 UTC 9 years ago